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template <typename TapeType> 
class CheckpointCallback

Base class of any checkpoint callbacks associated with the given TapeType.

User-defined checkpoints should derive from this class and implement computeAdjoints to implement the adjoint computation of the checkpoint. An object of this class should then be registered with the tape using Tape<T>::insertCallback. During computing adjoints, XAD then calls this registered callback once it reaches the corresponding point in the tape.

Implementers are responsible to store all needed information for the checkpoint within this class. That is:

  • The values of input variables,
  • Their slots in the tape,
  • The slots of the output variables on the tape,
  • Any other information that may be needed to propagate the adjoints of the outputs back to its input variables


virtual void computeAdjoint(TapeType* tape) = 0

This function is called by XAD during rolling back the tape, giving a reference to itself. Gives weak exception guarantee - if this user-implemented function throws an exception, the tape is in an undefined state and needs to be reset/re-initialized before it can be used again.